Vision Problems

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Hyperopia in Children

Hyperopia, commonly known as farsightedness or hypermetropia, is a type of refractive error cha

Amblyopia or lazy eye in children

Amblyopia is a medical term for dim vision from one or rarely two eyes. Ambly means dull or dim

How does refractive error cause blindness in children?

Uncorrected refractive defects present a subtle threat to our children’s future academic prog

Student Wellness

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How does preventive screening save the cost?

Regular health checkups are necessary to prevent potential illness in adults as well as childre

Top 7 Myths About Children's Dental Care

The rise in consumption of sticky fast foods has exacerbated dental problems among children, le

9 Summer Safety Tips for Children

As the summer heat intensifies across the Indian subcontinent, safeguarding the well-being of o

School Wellness

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5 Genuine Reasons Every School Needs a Health Check-Up Camp

The main objective of organizing a school health camp is to provide the resources children need

5 reasons schools should digitalize student health records now!

Discover the benefits of digitalizing student health records with Vigour360's Electronic Health

Best school health check-up program in India- Vigour360

To combat health challenges among children, organizations like Vigour360 have stepped up to pro