Vision Problems

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How does refractive error cause blindness in children?

Uncorrected refractive defects present a subtle threat to our children’s future academic prog

Student Wellness

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Prevention of overweight and obesity in children

For a healthier future generation, it is important to emphasize on the crucial role of both fam

What are the disadvantages of technology in mental health?

Internet addiction disorder leads to poor social skills, low academic grades, and learning bar

5 common nutritional deficiencies in kids- how to check?

Nutritional deficiencies in kids can cause developmental problems, stunted growth, lower immuni

School Wellness

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5 Genuine Reasons Every School Needs a Health Check-Up Camp

The main objective of organizing a school health camp is to provide the resources children need

5 reasons schools should digitalize student health records now!

Discover the benefits of digitalizing student health records with Vigour360's Electronic Health

Best school health check-up program in India- Vigour360

To combat health challenges among children, organizations like Vigour360 have stepped up to pro