G20 Journey

Vigour360 G20 Journey

Vigour360 marked a significant milestone as we proudly contributed to the 4th G20 Education Working Group (EdWG) in Pune, June 2023 held at Savitribai Phule Pune University.

Vigour360 as Exhibitors

Being selected as one of the exhibitors required us to navigate a rigorous procedure, a testament to the quality and impact of our school health program.

BMI Screening

Body Composition Analysis

Dental Checkup

Eye Checkup

School Participation in Health Checkup

The G20 Education Summit spanned six days, where schools from across India participated. Students, parents, and government officials experienced high-tech health check-ups.

Acknowledgment from
Education Leaders

At the event our school health checkup drew the attention of key figures in education, including NCERT officials, SCERT dignitaries and education officials from every state in India. 

Health Check-up for officials

Health Check-up for officials

Health Check-up for officials

We were honored by the presence of Honorable Cabinet Minister Deepak Kesarkar Sir (School Education and Marathi Language) and Honorable Vice President of BJP Maharashtra, Rajesh Pande Sir, who applauded Vigour360 for school health checkup initiative and our commitment. 

The pinnacle of our G20 journey was the profound appreciation and motivation bestowed upon us by the Honorable Education Minister of India, Dharmendra Pradhan Sir. 

Reflections and Future

Our G20 journey was a transformative experience that reaffirmed our commitment to shaping the future of student well-being. Vigour360 remains dedicated to pioneering health programs that contribute to the holistic development of students in India 

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