How To Help Students Succeed At School?

Teamwork between teachers and parents is essential for pupils to thrive in school. Teachers and parents have a closer relationship with kids and are thus more familiar with their requirements.  Student health issues and emotional stress can have a variety of negative effects on their academic performance. It causes absenteeism, reduced involvement, lost learning hours, and poor grades.

Recognizing this, the government advised that every school designate two instructors as “Health and Wellness Ambassadors”—ideally, one male and one female—who will share weekly information on illness prevention and health promotion through engaging activities. (School Health Programme under Ayushman Bharat).

In this article, we will discuss how school health program helps students succeed at school.

Raising awareness among parents about academic difficulties:

Teachers can notice behavioral changes in students and convey them to parents. Being kids, students cannot express their health problems, additionally, parents being busy are not always able to identify the issue.

Promoting health in children boosts their growth and development. They can achieve their milestones as per their age – physically, mentally as well as academically. Taking care of their health through annual health check-ups prevents learning barriers. Teachers and parents can adapt new methods for children with special needs when the issue is identified.

School health program for success in school:

The school health program is not merely a formality but need of an hour. Vigour360 provides school health services which are at par with Westernised standards for children in India.

Conducting annual health check-ups in school imbibes the importance of prevention in children’s minds. There are higher chances they will acquire this behavior life-long. Preventive screening helps to detect potential health issues in children and we can stop their progression early.

Many students due to undetected health issues struggle in school. For instance, when the child cannot see from the blackboard, he/she cannot focus on studies, is not able to understand the concept, and lags in class. When we provide the right resources and screen them, students will be in the best condition to learn.

How does Vigour360 help?

For a successful school health program joint efforts from teachers as well as parents is necessary. Vigour360 provides electronic health record data due to which communication between teachers and parents becomes effective. After annual health check-ups teachers and parents can visualize the health insights of the student from EHR and work on the issues.

Vigour360 school health program consists of advanced eye screening, BMI screening, advanced dental screening, ENT check-up, body composition analysis, cardio-respiratory screening, nutritional assessment, etc. A student completes full body analysis on school premises with high-end screening devices in real-time.

Apart from other strategies and best practices for successful schooling, school health program has their own proven benefits. Teachers and parents can help children to be healthy and succeed in school with Vigour360! Without any delay, connect today!

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