5 reasons schools should digitalize student health records now!

Schools need to store student health records for a longer period. Keeping them systematically and producing them when required with paperwork is time taking. All educational institutes should shift to a digitalised health record system, also called as Electronic Health Records (EHR) for students.

It will aid in standardising the collection and maintenance of student’s health information. The electronic health record is organised data and consists of student health check-up information, immunization details, allergy history and current medication etc.

Along with school health check-ups Vigour360 provides electronic health records for every student. It is a reliable resource for parents and schools when children require medical care.

5 reasons schools should consider digitalisation of health record:

1. Quick and easy access:

Electronic health records allow schools to access information at any time, from any place without being limited by space, time, or simultaneous access. It encourages fast-tracking of data in any organisation, which yields productivity.

2. Increased Productivity:

Obtaining student data across various departments can be cumbersome. With electronic health records, available within minutes with secure IDs, the task becomes much easier and required less manual procedure.

3. Information security:

Digitalization restricts the use of student’s information for unauthorised users. The information can be accessible to only parents and school faculty members. It prevents data breach as well as protect information with appropriate cyber security in place.

 digitalisation of health record
Image: Digitalization of health record

4. Eliminate risk:

At the time of emergency electronic health record has the potential to generate information in seconds. It will save medical error and allows healthcare providers to take prompt decision from students’ medical history.

5. Data storage:

Storing electronic health records (EHR) in various locations mitigates the likelihood of data loss or corruption. Additionally, EHR requires no physical space, addressing storage and maintenance concerns in educational institutions. Consequently, it proves to be a cost-efficient solution.

Digital health record can be accessed without being printed, and it is also easy to use. To share the data and save unnecessary printing, just send an email. It simply boosts natural resource preservation.

How does Vigour360 support schools with digitalised health records?

Vigour360 facilitate school wellness programs for students, school staff and parents across all age groups. Electronic health records, built-in app support and cutting-edge medical devices makes it easy for schools to access student information within seconds.

Digitalization of school records allow us to analyse individual student and school health year by year. It gives valuable insights for schools, and they can act on it. Electronic health records streamline the documentation for any school. Vigour360 makes school health systems stronger with technology. If you are also a new-age school, it’s time to switch from paper to electronic health records.


What is the scope of electronic health records in schools?

With digital health records in place, schools can track and analyse trends in student health. The cumulative health data can identify high-risk populations and tailor actions to prevent disease and enhance health outcomes.

What are the challenges of the digitalisation of health records?

Challenges in digitizing health records for schools include ensuring data security and privacy compliance, integrating diverse systems and formats, overcoming resistance to change among staff, managing large volumes of student health information efficiently, and maintaining system reliability and accessibility.

Vigour360 Electronic Health Record system addresses these challenges by providing robust encryption and access controls to safeguard sensitive data, offering seamless integration capabilities, facilitating user-friendly interfaces, and enabling scalable storage and retrieval of student health records.  Connect now!


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