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The school health program is a new approach improving children's health in India. We frequently observe a direct connection between poor health and the academic performance of students. Overlooking signs of health issues prevent students from reaching their full learning capabilities. This article explores solutions to address this issue.

Need for school health services due to increasing lifestyle disorders:

When we look at digital India, we and our children conveniently adapted to online learning. However, this shift has led to a decline in physical activities, a dislike towards home-cooked meals, and a constant engagement with gadgets. Consequently, there's been a rise in weight-related problems, poor nutrition, increased stress and anxiety, and issues related to body image over the last decades.

Studies suggest nearly 14.4 million children are overweight or obese which further results in chronic lifetime disorders like diabetes, and heart problems.

Additionally, technology and social media influence take a toll on the mental health of school children leading to anxiety and depression at an early age.

What if we do not act now? Our children will suffer the most.

School health program impact on academic performance:

Caption: School health program impact on academic performance

Vigour360's school health program goes beyond just physical health. We have equal focus on mental well-being and emotional health. By emphasizing] on the holistic well-being of students, Vigour360 ensures that they are equipped with the necessary tools to excel academically and lead a fulfilling life.

•At Vigour360, we believe that a healthy student is an active learner. By addressing the health needs of school-age children, we are setting the foundation for a brighter future.

•Our tech-enabled health screening identifies subtle signs of health issues which are missed by conventional checkups, therefore giving a high chance of success for students.

•Through addressing mental health stigma in schools and parent involvement in school health programs, Vigour360 provides students with the necessary support to cope with academic stress and build resilience.

•We are promoting healthy eating habits in schools by conducting nutrition assessments and awareness programs in schools. This helps in tackling the growing concern of childhood obesity and ensures a well-balanced diet for students.

•Physical activities are encouraged through sports programs and fitness classes, ensuring an active lifestyle and overall fitness.

World-class healthcare services by Vigour360:

To combat health challenges among children, organizations like Vigour360 have stepped up to provide world-class healthcare services specifically tailored for school-age children. With its comprehensive approach to school health, Vigour360 aims to improve the overall well-being of students and create a conducive environment for academic success.

Non-invasive gadgets and digital checkups:

Our school health program utilizes non-invasive gadgets to monitor the health of students. This eliminates the need for invasive procedures and ensures a comfortable experience for children. Through the use of advanced technology our team of expert conduct eye check-up, ENT check-up, dental check-up, BMI screening, body composition analysis, nutrition assessment etc.

Electronic health record:

Keeping track of students' health records is made easier with Vigour360's electronic health record system. This enables parents, teachers, and healthcare professionals to access real-time health information, ensuring timely interventions and personalized care.

AI-enabled solutions:

Vigour360 health program utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze health data, identify patterns, and provide insights for effective health management.

Time-saving and cost-effective solutions:

Vigour360 understands the challenges faced by schools in implementing a comprehensive health program. To address these concerns, they provide time-saving and cost-effective solutions. By integrating its healthcare services into the school infrastructure, Vigour360 eliminates the need for external healthcare providers, reducing administrative burdens and costs.

In conclusion, Vigour360's school health program is the best in India due to its comprehensive and holistic approach towards the well-being of students. Through the use of non-invasive gadgets, digital checkup methods, electronic health records, and AI-enabled solutions, Vigour360 ensures accurate monitoring and timely interventions. Additionally, their focus on mental health and nutrition further enhances the effectiveness of their program. By prioritizing the health of our students, we are investing in a healthier and more successful future generation. Connect now!


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