Annual Health Check-up List for Schools – Tried and Tested

The National Education Policy 2020 (NEP) calls for a paradigm shift in the Indian education system. As a result, it acknowledges the necessity of nutrition, regular exercise, mental wellness in children and mandatory health check-ups for students to promote effective learning in schools.

Education and health are closely related. The health of a family can be improved by proper education, moreover, healthy people are more likely to have superior educational achievements.

There is universal evidence that healthier kids do better in school. School health check-up has the potential to highlight the problem areas in any school and institutions can work on them.

Annual health check-up list for schools:

Biometric screening: Biometric screening gives an idea about BMI (Body Mass Index) issues in children. Paediatricians recommend checking BMI per age in children every year. It helps assessment of growth and development according to the student’s age.

Body Composition Analysis: BCA helps to understand body weight with respect to body fat percentage, bone density and lean muscle mass. In simple words, it gives a brief idea about the makeup of a child’s body which has a big impact on their health and how much energy they need.

Advanced Eye Screening: Post-pandemic eye problems have increased tremendously. In schools, 60% of learning happens visually, therefore every student must undergo eye check-ups regularly.

Correcting the vision problems can drastically improve, students’ performance in the classroom, participation as well as grades.

Advanced Dental Check-up: Most children suffer from dental caries, which is a frequent reason to miss school. An advanced oral check-up and guidance on maintaining good oral hygiene can be beneficial for children in their day-to-day life.

ENT screening: School children are susceptible to ear-nose-throat problems. Frequent infections from peers and developing lymphatic systems make them vulnerable to being sick. Regular ENT examinations help parents take accurate measures at the right time.

Nutritional assessment: What we eat is what we are! A healthy-looking child can have nutritional deficiencies. Schools should promote healthy eating habits and active lifestyles in children.

Mental well-being in children: ICMR data suggests, 12 to 13% of school students in India suffer from mental, emotional, and communication problems. Catching such issues is possible through the assessment of mental health in students and we can prevent the progression of the condition.

Schools may have a withstanding impact on children and adolescents competence and well-being than any other institution; as more children than ever are attending school and staying there for long hours.

It is a well-known truth that developing healthy behaviours when still young is easy yet more successful than attempting to do so as you become older. As a result, school health check-ups are essential in assisting children in developing lifelong healthy behaviours.

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