How can technology impact the outcome of health check-up camps?

Health check-up camp in school is a part of preventive care for ensuring the health and well-being of students. It provides an opportunity for the school to identify any potential problems and take preventive steps to ensure that students can reach their full potential.

The future of preventive care is being advanced by technology, in this article let’s understand how technology can impact the outcome of health check-up camps in schools.

The ability to enhance preventive screening is expanding as new and inventive technologies are developed. A digital watch, for instance, may track sleep habits, heart rate, calories burned, and blood oxygen levels as well as offer health-related insights.

Advantages of technology for health check-up camps in schools:

Providing data analytics and information sharing for student’s records:

The inability to get thorough medical data is one of the biggest obstacles while providing high-value treatment. Things may go wrong if care teams and physicians are unable to obtain the most recent data on a patient, their condition, and their treatment plan. Real-time data with app-based support makes it easy to share a student’s data after medical camp for schools, high schools, or colleges.

Predictive analytics of student health:

Advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are used in predictive analytics. It enhances the matching of appropriate preventative medical treatment. AI and ML may assist to assess patient data, electronic health records, and provider notes.

After an annual health check-up in schools, experts can predict risk factors for children, allergies, obesity, chronic diseases such as diabetes, or heart problems and suggest proactive measures to avoid future complications.

Big Data:

The most important element is to possess the intelligence to identify and evaluate the important facts from the large data saved. Therefore, shifting to electronic health records from traditional record-keeping methods becomes essential.

EHR are electronic reports on health check-ups for every student. It collects precise and updated information of students with quick and secure access to authorities from anywhere.

EHR lowers the rate of medical error and document loss; additionally aids in the safety of children. Moreover, it is a cost-effective, time and space-saving solution for schools or colleges.

The health services provided in school can help identify any physical or mental health issues, as well as poor nutrition, obesity, or any other underlying issues that could be affecting a student’s ability to learn. Through early identification and intervention with high-end technology schools can ensure that all students have access to the resources they need to succeed.

Vigour 360 conducts an annual health check-up camp for students. Our cutting-edge technology provides necessary intervention and resources for children earlier on. As a result, it improves their academic performance and participation in school. For more details about health services in school, connect with us.

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