10 Tips For Best Oral Care In Children – Learn Now

Parents frequently struggle to maintain optimal oral hygiene in kids. Develop oral care routine in children in simple and fun way for strong teeth and healthy smile.

10 tips for best oral care in children

  1. Toothbrushing: Children should brush their teeth in the morning as well as in the night before going to bed. Parents should ensure the children are using right brushing techniques -circular motion on all surfaces. Kids should brush their teeth thoroughly for at least 2 to 3 minutes.
  2. Toothpaste: Fluoride facilitate development of healthy tooth enamel, and fight with germs. Ingesting fluoride toothpaste is harmful, therefore children under age 2 years should use fluoride free toothpaste. From 2 to 6 years of children can use low fluoride toothpaste for healthy teeth. Only a pea sized toothpaste is enough in children.
  3. Floss: Plaque hides inside gums, therefore frequent flossing aids in proper removal of food particles. Parents should supervise children while flossing, especially in misaligned and crowded teeth.
  4. Tongue cleaning: Oftentimes, we tend to forget tongue cleaning which is a source of bacterial colonies. In children tongue should be cleaned gently with tongue cleaner for kids. It will prevent gum infection and cavities.
  5. Rinse after snacking: Kids eat after every 2-3 hours; the mid meal snacking develop plaque on teeth. Make it a habit, to rinse after every meal or snacks. Incorporate healthy and homemade snacking options in kid’s diet.
  6. Avoid sugary foods: Sugary substances are favourable for bacterial growth. Hence children should avoid consumption of juices, candies, lollypops, carbonated drinks as well as junk food for healthy teeth
  7. Eat healthy: Kids should consume fiber rich diet, with lots of fruits and vegetables. Water is great mouth cleaner, it washes out food particles from tooth surfaces, so drink adequate water.
  8. School dental check-up: Advanced dental screening in school help to reduce occurrence of teeth problems in kids. It facilitates early detection of cavities, gum diseases, malalignment, habits such as thumb sucking, mouth breathing, tongue thrusting etc.

It promotes oral health awareness among students and parents. If child requires dental treatment, experts can guide parents for the same.

  1. Regular dental visits: Regular check-up help understand developing dental problems and can be treated with simple procedures. It saves time and cost for complicated dental treatments.
  2. Preventive measures: If a child has deep pit and fissures on teeth, sealant placement is best practice to avoid tooth decay.

Observe your child for thumb sucking, tongue thrusting habits, it may lead to malalignment of teeth. Mouth breathing habit may lead to sleep disorders and elongated face.


These are tips for best oral care in children. If you have tendency to develop cavities and gum problem, your kids are at greater risk. Therefore, parents should inculcate healthy oral hygiene habits in children from young age.


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