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We started our journey with Physiocell with an industry experience of over 10+ years of implementing successful wellness programs across various top Global and Indian Corporates, PAN India. We are a one-stop solution for all medical, and paramedical, all kinds of wellness awareness programs & group activity-based health solutions.

The voice of Indian culture is softening over westernization. This has led to diseases likewise which most of the older generation would have never been affected or even heard about. Like Poor nutrition - weight fluctuation, Obesity, shortness of breath, irritability in kids, weakened eyes, difficulty being disciplined, ADHD-lack of focus, poor mental health/coping mechanism, and much more. India is dealing with new health threats due to the western lifestyle while fighting current ones.

Looking at the statistics of our corporate clients’ employees’ kids availing our services we realized the need for wellness for kids. We did our research and found amazing services provided to schools in other parts of the world going through the same challenges. Which was not provided in India and we got into action and created Vigour 360 with an oath to provide high-end services to children in India that they need.

India currently has a curative approach as parents take their kids to the doctor only when they have certain symptoms. We have brought the best technologies from another part of the world to incorporate them into Indian schools. When we started screening, we identified issues timely and successfully prevented 53% of screened students from future fatal diseases, which helped parents take timely and necessary actions.

With more than 200 tailor-made programs, we cater to all schools’ colleges & corporate requirements across India of all ages. Our USP lies in designing powerful wellness programs that are customized to cater to your needs and personalized at the grassroots level.

Now, Vigour 360 is not only India’s largest flagship health program it is also India’s first westernized & holistic-oriented solution for our nation’s fast-growing westernized adaptations. These programs are available for schools & colleges for monitoring the growth and development of students through early intervention and incorporating health education into the curriculum.

A team of wellness enthusiasts who believe that technology can empower India to live a better & healthier life. We aim to incorporate preventive measures across the country resulting in healthier future generations.

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360 Customized Health
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