Top 5 Reasons Fitness is Crucial for Your Child

Overuse of gadgets, preference for junk foods, and sedentary lifestyle are the sad reality of this generation. Lack of exercise cause negative impact on health. Childhood obesity is on the surge in India; therefore parents need to encourage their kids to be fit and maintain healthy body weight.

Top 5 reasons fitness is crucial for your child

  1. Boost growth and development: Physical activity or indulging in sports help children develop endurance. It promotes strong bones and muscles while growing up. Regular exercise improves blood circulation throughout the body. Physically active children have good energy levels as compared to children with a sedentary lifestyle.
  2. Prevents obesity: Obese children tend to be overweight adults. Physically active children are less likely to have BMI (Body Mass Index) problems. Most of today’s youth perform less activity and eat junk food. This results in several chronic health issues, including obesity. Exercise reduces weight and burns calories. Constant weight is good to keep heart problems at bay.
  3. Better academics: Children who perform physical activity every day, have better focus in their studies. Due to good immunity, they are less likely to catch infections and miss school.

For hyperactive or impulsive children physical activity or sports is one of the effective techniques to improve learning outcomes.

Sports help children to engage in school, achieve higher grades as well as decrease dropout rates.

  1. Social skills: Through sports, children learn leadership, team spirit, conflict resolution etc. These skills are important for a child’s socio-emotional development. It teaches them a sense of responsibility, cooperation as well as bonds them with new friends.
  2. Happy children: Fit children are happy children. Exercise not only promotes physical fitness but also enhances mental wellness in children. Scientifically regular physical activity release feel-good brain chemicals which keep depression and anxiety away. With everyday exercise, children can better regulate their emotions and gain mental well-being.

School is the formal institution where children spent more time after home. Physical education provides a big opportunity to inculcate an active lifestyle in kids.

In India, Fit India Movement started to inspire Indians to include sports and fitness into their everyday routines to set the stage for a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Fit India School promotes fitness in every school by organising Fit India School Week. Preventive screening for students annually to understand their issues is also a part of the program.

Tip for parents to promote fitness in kids:

  • Schedule ‘park-time’ every day to encourage outdoor activities
  • Talk to your children about fitness and an active lifestyle.
  • Parents can lead by example, motivate them for walking, running, or cycling.
  • Limit screen time and replace it with fun indoor activities.