7 Must-Have Health Check-ups for University -Ultimate Guide

Do you know, what is a typical issue at a university? Disease and/or health conditions. Most health issues that might arise during university life can be caused by factors such as poor self-care, insufficient sleep, and increased stress.

In addition to this, living around a lot of people might be unhealthy since it makes most students fall ill. Students at universities are in a crucial stage of developing lifestyles that are vital to their long-term health, which is why university students require annual health check-ups.

What is a health check for a university?

A health check-up for university students is an important aspect of preventive healthcare. “Annual medical camp for students include height, weight, blood pressure, BMI, body composition analysis, eye check-up, dental, ENT, mental health, nutritional assessment, and physical training etc. The routine health screening will help early diagnosis and intervention as well as prevent long-term problems later in life.”

7 must-have health check-ups for university:

  1. Biometric screening: Body mass index (BMI) is a weight classification indicator that is proven to have an impact on students’ academic performance. BMI is beneficial for identifying weight issues and implementing early preventive education and actions
  2. Body composition analysis: It is a crucial statistic that goes beyond BMI and aids in understanding body weight in relation to bone density, lean muscle mass, and body fat percentage. Our reports on health check-up camps indicate, instead of having normal BMI in students, physical inactivity results in inadequate muscle mass.
  3. Advanced Eye Screening: Studying continuously on a computer screen can cause headaches, eye strains, dry eyes, and eye infections in college students. Advanced eye check-up during a medical camp in universities aids in the early detection and correction of vision problems in youngsters.
  4. Advanced Dental Exam: College students due to their tight schedule, neglect oral hygiene. A comprehensive dental check-up can spot tooth issues and save them from becoming an emergency.
  5. ENT examination: Advanced ENT screening help to catch hearing problems, ear infection, sleep disturbances, nasal obstruction etc which may interfere with a student’s performance.
  6. Mental health screening: Lack of sleep, more study hours, and stress take a toll on the mental health of university students. Therefore, regular assessment of their mental well-being is vital for their success and to prevent them from making bad choices in college life.
  7. Nutrition Assessment: Overwork, academic stress, and inclination towards junk food lead to poor nutrition in university students. This issue may be resolved with changes in lifestyle, eating habits, and especially physical exercise. During the health check-up for university, students can learn more about good eating and how it affects their health, through personalised nutrition assessment and dietary awareness sessions.

These are 7 must-have health check-ups for university students. With Vigour360’s state-of-the-art health evaluations, the student will get a thorough examination of their health, including an assessment of their diet, physical fitness, and general wellness. Our expert will create a special plan to assist the student in achieving their health and wellness objectives based on the findings of these evaluations. For any queries, connect with us!

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